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Making Money with Facebook

Facebook – even a child knows what it is! Everyone today is addicted to it and if you don’t have an FB account – you get the “Whatttt” stare from most others who have it. Well since everyone is so glued to it mostly to chat and connect with people; why not think of some ways to make money out of it. On the World Wide Web, you can make money with practically any website or blog you create and even your social networking account. Let’s take a look at a few ways to make money with Facebook.

If you have a Facebook account, you definitely know what apps are. There are umpteen numbers of apps for different purposes. Some of these apps can be a mode to make money. Take the Ether for instance. If you are someone who can counsel people or give suggestions, this app’s is for you. You can connect with people who need advice and offer it over phone or chat. People who know foreign languages can also offer tutorials with this app. The rates for the job can be pre-decided by you and those interested will call or PM (message) you.

Another interesting way of making money with Facebook is by creating a stand by using the Lemonade app. For your virtual Lemonade stand you need to pick products by affiliating with various others selling sites. If anyone purchases the product displayed on your page, you are entitled to a commission based on the price of the product.

One more application for the selling category is the Shopit. Here you can sell your own items whether used or fresh. Just display the price and product on your page by creating a store with this app. Trading can also be done using this and most common products here are electronics, CDs, DVDs etc.

In most cases, the apps are absolutely free so you do not invest a single penny. Having a PayPal account is necessary as most of the payments are debited and credited from that account. The apps are usually secure but you still need to be cautious.

Check out many more Facebook apps with which you can make lots of money in the next coming articles.


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